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Solar Power is a reliable clean energy source. Solar energy provides increased efficiency, reduced energy rates, improved reliability, and is a lot healthier for the environment. If you’re committed to saving more, you've come to the right place. With a one-time, upfront payment, you’ll own your own system and your savings. You’ll also be able to cash in on Florida solar rebates like the federal tax credit, property tax exemption, and extra value added to your home. To learn more about the incentives you’ll be eligible for, see our rundown of Florida’s solar incentives. Backed by our guaranteed workmanship and manufacturer warranties, our solar systems are designed to last 30 years. Your purchase also includes an industry-leading roof penetration warranty. We’ll handle every single detail, from a free custom solar design down to the permitting and paperwork. We take simple seriously.

When you choose us, you’ll get a best-in-class solar installation. We handle the equipment and installation, and in return, you pay a low, fixed rate for your solar panels.

You get all the benefits of a professionally managed and maintained system along with low, predictable monthly payments, no strings attached. Plus, we’ll handle maintenance and monitoring during the life of your agreement. We’ll even guarantee your roof against leaks due to any penetrations made during installation for a decade. All you have to do is sit back and soak up the sun.

  • $0 Dollars Out Of Pocket If you are a homeowner, you are most likely eligible for $0 dollars out of pocket
  • Utility Providers & Rebates Georgia utility providers like Jackson EMC and others are offering substantial rebates to homeowners that qualify.
  • Federal & State Incentives Thanks to things like the Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC) homeowners can get get up to nearly 50% of their system paid for.

Solar Pool Systems

We provide the most affordable and environmentally friendly pool heating to help you enjoy and relax in your pool, year-round.

Solar Water Heaters

A solar water heater can provide a clean and cost-effective way for you to heat your water. Each system comes with an unmatched warranty.

Solar Electric

We can install new residential and commercial solar panels that help the environment and your budget. These high-powered panels convert sunlight into electricity.

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We’re here to help you make the most of Florida’s most brilliant natural resource. We’ll work closely with you to create a custom solar solution that meets the needs of your lifestyle and budget. Get a free quote today and See why over 255,000+ homeowners like you have already gone solar.


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Brightbox™ Battery makes storing and managing clean affordable solar energy simple and easy.

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As electricity rates are rising the cost of solar panels have never been lower. Switch to home solar and save.

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Solar power is yours for the making. We create home solar panel systems that optimize for efficiency, durability, service, and value.


Find out more on how to lower your electric bill, how to read your electric bill once you go solar, and which green initiatives your utility is focused on today.

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We’re here to help you make the most of Florida’s most brilliant natural resource. We’ll create a custom solar solution for your home or business.