7 Tips to Prevent Roof Leaks During Hurricane Season

prevent roof leaks during hurricane season

Hurricane season in Florida begins June 1st and ends around November 30th. With almost 6 full months of potentially heavy rain and strong winds keeping your family safe should be your top priority. If you live in Florida, a weakened roof can easily be your worst nightmare during this time. If you’ve spotted a few leaks around the house or your carport, don’t panic just yet.

There are many simple things you can do to keep your roof in good condition. Follow these 6 tips to help your home and family survive hurricane season with minimal stress on top of everything else.

1. Check your Attic for Leaks 

Many people try to avoid their attics as much as possible. With dust-covered boxes and surprise animal visitors, a homeowner’s attic is not where they tend to spend much time. Because of this, many issues involving your roof can go left unseen and untreated. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize there is a problem until it is almost too late. Instead of avoiding your attic, it’s a good idea to take a look around every once in a while to inspect any leaks, holes, or problem areas. This will help you address the situation before it gets worse. 

2. Schedule Regular Roof Inspections 

Being proactive is the first step to prevent roof leaks during hurricane season. Scheduling a routine roof inspection has many benefits such as: 

  • spotting damage before it occurs 
  • treating damage before it gets worse 
  • minimizing dangers of untreated roof damage

With a routine inspection, you can receive professional advice and assistance on how to better protect your roof, home, and family during hurricane season. 

3. Maintain Clean Gutters

During hurricane season, strong winds and heavy rain can wreak havoc on your home. Debris from trees and other material can become lodged in your gutters, preventing rain from filtering off your roof and from your home. Not only can this cause issues such as flooding, but it can create a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and insects. To prevent these situations from occurring, cleaning your gutters is a must. Make sure to maintain your gutters when it is safe to do so. During the middle of a storm is not safe, nor is it wise. 

4. Trim Tree Branches Close to Your Roof and Home 

Heavy winds can break branches and pull up perfectly healthy trees, which can end up damaging your home. To keep your family safe from this debris, it’s always best to trim or remove any trees that pose a potential risk to your roof and home in general. By doing this, you can decrease the risk of roof damage and rest easy knowing that your home and family are safe from these dangers. 

5. Check Your Roofs Flashing

Flashing is a metal material that helps to prevent roof leaks and redirect water to other areas of your roof. Typically, you see this material used around different roof features such as:

  • chimneys
  • vents 
  • skylights 

Although the material is highly durable, there can be instances where the flashing becomes damaged, allowing water to seep through. Checking these areas will help you prevent these situations from occurring and damaging the features on your roof, which can be expensive to fix. 

6. Check the Drip Edge 

The drip edge has the same responsibility as the flashing on your roof. This helps to direct water away from the fascia and prevent it from rotting due to water accumulation. Along with the gutters, the drip edge moves water away from your roof and home to avoid damage that can occur from heavy rainfall.

7. Schedule Regular Roof Maintenance 

Scheduling regular roof maintenance will help you stay proactive in taking care of one of your home’s more essential components. Services such as soft-washing can help to prevent dirt, build-up, and bacteria from clinging to your roof and causing damage. This can help to extend the life of your roof and shingles. Some manufacturers require you to keep up with the service cleanings to maintain your shingle warranty. 

By following these 7 steps to prevent roof leaks during hurricane season, your home will be better prepared to handle the heavy winds and rains. Here at Rosser Roofing Solutions, we care about our customers as if they were our family. Schedule a free roof inspection today before the hurricane season begins to protect you and your family better and prevent roof damage.